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Whats A Kris Concept?

Hello curious soul. I'm inviting you to witness the creation of a new universe. So strap on your backpack and bring enough potions to explore this expanding world.

She was looking out for the little folk in the forest “don’t get in her way” they said. “don’t get in her way.” But he did. He sadly did. She was named after the ancient rune of protection, shield, warding of evil. The guardian Algiz

I'm Kristoffer Ager the creator of A Kris Concept. I made this website to share my universe. On my blog, I'm going to be giving an observation into my world development. You will witness stories, sketches, illustrations, and content reaching from all the corners of this emerging land. Sometimes I will also provide quick advice on art and design. I want to present you with some of my experience.

Follow me on social media if you like my first blog post and are looking forward to my future content. If you want to help out a creator, please consider supporting me on Patreon. I will be sharing my content more in-depth with my Patreon supporters.

I'll be posting every Saturday. Next post I'm going to be uploading a snippet of a story and sharing the name of my world.

Do you have a world? Tell me what its name is down in the comments. I'd love to start talking with you.

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Hello Kris! Congratulations on your first post. I can’t wait for your future blogs. When I was a teenager my father said I came form a planet called Zoid. I’m thinking about making Zoid (he also called me Linzoid)

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