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The Creatures Within The Mountain

Hello fellow, explorers.

You might have heard about Mirror Mountain, if not you can go back and read a little about them in this post Mirror Mountain is part of a bigger chain that stretches across the land. In today's post, I'm going to writing about the creatures living within this glass-like mountain.

Ancient alliances, wast halls, and mysterious creatures are some of the elements you may come by when you walk within Mirror Mountain.

Today we are going to look at the dwarfs and the crystal giants. They have a special alliance that will prove to be significant in the trails to come.

The Dwarfs are master craftsmen. They build beautiful items from the minerals in the mountain. Their forges run both day and night to create intricate weapons and armor for friends and allies. They have lived in the mountain for centuries, keeping the mountain and its creatures close. Protecting their kingdom from outside evil.

The Crystal Giants live deep within Mirror Mountain. They come from the mountain itself being born from it. If you see them you will notice crystals growing out of their body. These minerals are the source of their power.

The Crystal Giants aren't the most intelligent beings in this world. However, don't underestimate their power to kill you. They are big, strong and faster than you might think. Night is like day to them. They make good guards and work well as protectors.

Knowing this the dwarfs ceased the opportunity to hire the Crystal Giants. They became guardians of the dwarven kingdom. They were tasked with protecting the dwarfs from any evil approaching their halls. In return, the Giants get shiny armor to protect themselves.

The Giants, being proud creatures, don't want to only rely on the dwarfs' craft. To compensate for their proud-ness they add pieces of rope and stone to the dwarven armor. That's the best they can do.

One-day evil came to the Mirror Mountain. It was The Totem Theif. He sneaked past the guards.

But Giants has a fantastic smell and soon they caught his scent. They sounded the alarm and now the thief was in trouble. As far as he knew there was only one way out.

Next time we will hear more about the Theif, The dwarfs, and the Giants.

Please leave a like if you enjoyed this story. See you next time

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