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The World Of Portals

Hello, fellow explorers. Today I will talk about the world and what the title stands for.

So World of Portals. Why portals you may ask? And why haven't we heard about them yet? Well, I will try and explain to you all of these things in the best way I can.


The portals are magic driven gates that you can walk through into other worlds and dimensions. These gates take their power from the magic minerals from the ground around them. The creatures in this world also use these minerals for their magic.

The portals are used for trading and traveling through the lands.

They are protected by celestial like beings. They make sure that nothing corrupt happens. Like throwing bombs through the portals.

No one knows where these unusual beings come from. The few things we know about them is that they are ancient and protect the people in this universe. They can control gravity and they don't need the minerals for them to perform magic.

The minerals vary from world to world. They affect the way people live and use them. I will go more in-depth with how the magic works in another post. The minerals are the source of magic.

So that's a little bit about why the name is the world of portals.

let me know in the comments if you have any ideas for the name of the world.

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