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Hello and welcome to the expanding world of... oh! You will hear more about the name in the next post! At the end of the story, you will find out more hints about the name.

Today you are going to hear about the Thief that you might have seen lurking around on the front page. He is vicious and appears from the shadows with his dagger by his side. He swings it through the air to cut off all of the totem, pendants, and medallions.

Whispers float along the streets of the settlements,

"why is he stealing the totems?"

"Is he trying to gain power?"

"Who is he working for?"

The chieftains have come together to deal with this problem, but The Thief keeps disappearing before they can apprehend him. Within the walls of their fortress, The clan leaders discuss his origin, his agenda, and his potential employer.

A small family called the "Lille Spejl Clan" was the last to see The Thief. He was witnessed stealing from their little town near the river that flows from the Mirror Mountains. Hereunder the shade of night, The Thief would find his next victim. In the glow of the moon, his knife shimmered with mirth.

The man who wore the marked totem was none other than the chieftain of Lille Spejl Clan. A powerful, towering man with silvery hair. The crime took place while the chief was deep in sleep.

The chieftain had been working in the fields all day. He helped the farmers construct a new aqueduct system that could take advantage of the river flowing from the Mirror Mountains. The chieftain was generous at heart, and the people respected him. While he slumbered on that clear night he faced an undesirable visitor.

The Thief snuck into his house through the staples. The animals were quiet. He had a special touch, you see.

His shadow ran over the chieftains floor. Everything was quiet. No creaking, no squeaking. This was truly a master thief at work. His dim silhouette rose over the chieftain. The Thief readied his dagger. He grouped the totem around the slumbering leader's neck...

With a gleeful gleam, the dagger flew through the air, waking the chief. It cut into the twine that held the totem in its secured place upon the leader's neck. The Chieftain roared with fury. This caused The Theif to stumble and land on his back. He hit the ground hard. Rolling out of bed the Chieftain grabbed his sword, equipped to battle. He turned to face the intruder. Ready for blood and death, but the Theif was already gone. So was the totem.

The Chieftain of the Lille Spejl Clan was in shock. He couldn't believe what had just happened. He had lost his magic.

The next day he gathers the Chieftainscouncil to attend to this matter of The Totem Thief. They all agreed that this is something they will have to deal with before they lose all power. The Chieftains called forth a team of their ablest spies and warriors to retrieve all the stolen totems.

After gathering clues the seven champions go off on their quest. They hope to find the lost totems and returning the magic to its rightful owners.

This is the end of today's story. I hope you liked it. Please leave a like and comment on what you think the names of these 7 warriors and spies could be.

Oh, and by the way, the running title for this universe is "The World of Portals." Next time I will go more in-depth with the name, and what it means. Since its a working title it might change as we go.

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Hello curious soul. I'm inviting you to witness the creation of a new universe. So strap on your backpack and bring enough potions to explore this expanding world.

She was looking out for the little folk in the forest “don’t get in her way” they said. “don’t get in her way.” But he did. He sadly did. She was named after the ancient rune of protection, shield, warding of evil. The guardian Algiz

I'm Kristoffer Ager the creator of A Kris Concept. I made this website to share my universe. On my blog, I'm going to be giving an observation into my world development. You will witness stories, sketches, illustrations, and content reaching from all the corners of this emerging land. Sometimes I will also provide quick advice on art and design. I want to present you with some of my experience.

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I'll be posting every Saturday. Next post I'm going to be uploading a snippet of a story and sharing the name of my world.

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